The Hornbill International Rock Contest and music festival, organized by the Music Task force, Government of Nagaland may well be the longest music event in the country. Attractive cash prizes and music loving crowd makes the event a unique experience for performers.

Such extravaganza is in keeping with the essence of the many Naga festivals; marked by feasts, dances, games and music, all in full measure. Nagas do not do things in small instalments. These celebrations invariably coincide with agricultural lean periods such as after-harvest, and therefore the feeling of gaiety and generosity, even to a fault. In the old days the rich used to host several-day-long feasts in which the villagers revelled, and guests from other villages were feted. These were times when the youth were pitted against each other in friendly competitions in performing arts and traditional sports, while the old proudly looked on.

Circumstances have changed; some have moved on while a few still embraces the old ways. Nevertheless, in either case the joie de vivre of the Nagas lives on. The annual Hornbill Festival, and therefore the Hornbill International Rock Contest, is set in this background. In time, the event hopes to go international.

Over the years, there have been some great performances by bands from all over the country. The very fact that a band is selected to perform at the event is an achievement.


Winner 2017 – Avora Records, Mizoram
Winner 2016 – SNF band, Nagaland
Winner 2015 – Reverse Tragedy, Mizoram
Winner 2014 – Adams Apple, Darjeeling
Winner 2013 – Underground Authority, Kolkata
Winner 2012 – Gingerfeet, Kolkata
Winner 2011 – Indigo Children, New Delhi
Winner 2010 – Slain, Bangalore
Winner 2009 – OFF, Nagaland
Winner 2008 – Verbs, Shillong
Winner 2007 – Hobos, Kolkata
Winner 2006 – Joint Family, Kolkata